Procedural Pass

A password manager that doesn't store passwords.


Procedural Pass uses procedural generation to generate passwords on the fly. When launching Procedural Pass, you are asked for a master password. You can enter anything here, but to get the same password each time you must enter the same master password each time. To generate secure passwords, the program hashes your username and website in a "three-dimensional" salted SHA256 hash function, totaling over 100,000 hashes from the original, it then hashes your master password, username, and website name 128 more times with SHA256, and mixes that with a UNIX timestamp in a procedural generation algorithm to generate a unique, procedurally generated password. This allows for secure password storage, as it doesn't need to store a password at all. (It is recommended to backup the data.txt file that is needed to store website name, username, and UNIX timestamp).


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