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Gumroad Downloadable Guns (Mirror)

This is a mirror download of what gun downloads I was able to gather from Gumroad (by Yoshitomo Imura).

500 Linebaugh Test Frame
AR Shuty MP1
Baby Biden Pistol v1.0 Proteus
Card Counter Pepperbox Rolla Troll
Card Counter Pistol Rolla Troll
Cerberus Liberator Pistol v0.1
Colt M1911 A1
Colt Navy 1851
Colt Peace Maker
Colt Walker Revolver 1847
Dark Pistol MK2
Experiment Pistol v1.1
Flare Gun
FN P90
G22 Training Gun
GB22 Pistol
Grizzly Rifle
HK USP Match Gun
Howard Pistol
M4A1 Camouflage
Pepperbox Liberator v1.1
PM422 Songbird Pistol
PM422 Songbird Pistol v2.1
PM522 Washbear
Reprringer Pepperbox v3.0
Reprringer v2.0
Reprringer v2.2
Revenant Pistol v1.1
Revolver (Flobert)
Revolver 2
Revolver Gun
Revolver v1.0
S&W M10 Heavy Barrel
S&W M19 4inch Engraved Custom
Simple Open Bolt Gun
Stainless Steel Revolver 8inch
Toy Gun
Contact me on Twitter (@duudl3) if you manage to get ahold of other downloads.